Costa Rica is an ideal location for retirement, where residents can enjoy a high standard of living and pura vida. The beaches and culture provide retirees the perfect blend of relaxation and an active lifestyle.


Low Cost of Living

With home prices comparable to those in the States, retirees can invest in the ideal living space and retire at Costa Rica’s beaches or in a condo near downtown. Utilities and food costs are well below the traditional expenses in the U.S. with electricity averaging about $50 per month and cleaning and gardening services an affordable $2 per hour.


Things to Do

Whether it’s visiting one of the many museums, enjoying the tropical outdoors or seeing the opera, there’s never a shortage of things to do if you retire in Costa Rica. And many family-friendly activities make it easy to entertain the grandkids when they visit. World-renowned shopping and restaurants ensure you’re entertained and well-fed.


Modern Health Care

With health care systems that work with North American insurance, it’s possible to have access to modern health care amenities at minimal out-of-pocket cost. If you opt to use cash, costs are traditionally about a third to a fifth what you might pay in the U.S. Most private practice physicians are fluent in English, having trained in North America or Europe.


Other Incentives

If the low cost of living, abundant activities and modern health facilities don’t sell you on retiring in Costa Rica, there are other incentives to life here. The vast majority of citizens and businesses are bilingual, so it's easy to relocate even if you don’t speak the language. A number of English religious options mean that you have your choice of places of worship, whether you’re Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, LDS, Baptist or worship in a different church.