Home Construction

Building your own home in Costa Rica is the perfect way to ensure that your new home is in the ideal location and has all the amenities you’re looking for.


Construction Team

We have a bilingual team that can help you find the ideal contractor and designer to walk you through the process. We have government connections to help cut through the red tape that comes with buying and building a home in another country. You’ll need building permits, inspections, insurance and other documents prepared. Our team has been consulting on home construction in Costa Rica since 2008 and has helped numerous new home buyers build a home with minimal stress. We offer both turnkey or a la carte packages to meet your specific needs.


Low Cost

Building a new home in Costa Rica is much more affordable than one might think. Average pricing runs about $600 per square meter (or 10.66 square feet), depending on the size and location of the land and scope of the project.


The Perfect Location

There are so many options for new home construction in Costa Rica, you’re sure to find the perfect location. Lots are affordable and found in nearly any San Jose neighborhood—from Escazu and Santa Ana to the central Pacific beaches. Find your perfect homestead today.